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Dear Friends of Rolbe.com

We were saddened when we recently learned of the passing of the author of rolbe.com. Rolbe.com was a popular website that also offered an eBay Calculator and other tools to aid online sellers. According to a message on the website, the author passed away in an unfortunate accident and the site was being taken offline. Though we did not know the author personally, we believe he dedicated much of his time and effort in creating well-liked and widely used tools, and that his work will be greatly missed. We would like to convey our thoughts and condolences to those that knew him, and welcome any visitors looking for tools similar to those that he created.

eBay Fee Update: Pictures Now Free

Per eBay’s 2012 Spring Seller Update, eBay now offers free pictures on all listings (excluding eBay Motors) effective July 2, 2012.  Our eBay Calculators (both new and original versions) have been updated to reflect this change.  Specifically, the Picture Count drop-downs and Picture Pack upgrade options have been removed from the calculators since pictures no longer incur fees.  This completes the last of the two fee updates slated for Spring (the first occurred on May 1st and involved raising the maximum final value fee for Auctions from $100 to $250).  eBay’s fees page contains this information as well.

Before this update, eBay allowed one picture for free and charged 15¢ for each additional image. The now retired Picture Pack upgrade allowed sellers to include between 1-6 pictures for 75¢, or 7-12 pictures for $1:

Picture Hosting Fees Retired

The Gallery Plus feature, which enhances pictures in eBay’s search results, hasn’t changed and is still charged a fee of 35¢ for listings that last up to ten days, or $1 for thirty-day fixed price listings (excluding listings in the Collectibles, Art, Pottery & Glass, and Antiques categories).

An unofficial guide to our eBay Calculator

One of the things we enjoy at Salecalc.com is knowing that we’re helping people by taking the mystery and guesswork out of certain monetary scenarios.  That’s why we were especially pleased when we discovered this blog post about our eBay Calculator, featuring a step-by-step guide and screenshots.  We were quite impressed and thought our users might benefit from the information.  A good read: eBay Fees Calculator: Salecalc.com — One of the Very Best!