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PayPal Calculator Update: More International Fees and Editable Fee Rate

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve doubled the number of countries and regions supported in the PayPal Fee Calculator. In addition to the locations listed previously, we’ve added support for:

We added these locations because we’ve received a fair amount of visits from them, according to our traffic data.  If there’s any other country or region you would like for us to add specifically (and where PayPal is offered), let us know in the comments.

Here are direct links to PayPal’s fees pages for the locations we’ve added:

Another update to the PayPal Fee Calculator is the ability to use a custom fee rate, just in case the predefined rates are insufficient.  Simply click on the “edit” link next to the fee rate selector to set a custom fee rate.

PayPal fee rate selector

Click the edit link to set a custom fee rate.

PayPal fee rate editor

Enter a custom fee rate in the input boxes.

Lastly, we checked our listed fee rates and made sure they’re all still current with PayPal’s pages.  That sums it up for this round of PayPal Fee Calculator updates.

International Fees added to PayPal Calculator

The PayPal Fee Calculator now supports the option to calculate the PayPal fees for the following countries and regions:


Use any of the links above to go directly to the PayPal Calculator for that country or region.  If there are any other countries or regions you’d like to calculate the PayPal fees for, comment to let us know.

PayPal Calculator country selection

Select the fee rate for a country or region.

Here are links to PayPal’s fees pages: